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The endless quest for immortality guides the preservation of heritage and culture through great works of art. From simple beginnings to the most sophisticated blending of art and architecture throughout time, the experience of fine surroundings has been for people of all nations and all societies the most satisfying and personal of life's rewards. In the on-going triumph of the arts, we at Persian Galleries feel especially privileged to be a part of such a tradition; purveying to a discerning clientele works of great beauty: the hand-knotted carpets of the world.

With a parent company located inside Iran and an established reputation in Europe, we came to the South to offer this important market the finest collection of the rarest and most exceptional pieces available. And of equal importance, to provide all services, including appraisal, design coherence, search, and brokerage, cleaning, and restoration that go with a comprehensive approach to marketing.

We feel equally indebted to the noble artisans whose craft we serve as to our clients, without whom we would have enjoyed no success or satisfaction in our efforts. Service to both is our best assurance of future achievements. And we dedicate ourselves to that with insight, vigor, and a willingness to go always one step further in the pursuit of quality and client satisfaction.












Do you offer International delivery?

No, but we can try and introduce a trustable vendor close to your location if you contact us for help. 
How can I contact your couriers?
You can simply use the “contact us” option or chat online with us. 
How do I return an item?

we do not accept returns. Our policy covers an  unlimited time exchange option after purchase with free shipping for the first exchange for our local customers. Please contact us with our support service so we can give you the most convenient solution for the exchange process.
Mohtasham Kashan
How do I track my order?

You will receive the shipping tracking number or if you are a local customer, we deliver items to your address. 

What are your delivery options?
we use ground shipping because of the weight and size of the items and use the fastest way to deliver your items. 

Can I pick several Items and make a decision after trying then in my house?

Yes, we have this service. You will need to pay for all of them to be delivered to you but we will not charge you for returning the ones you did not like.
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